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To say that humans do not react like this would be simple deceit. However, as much as people agree that there should be some mourning for the situation of the animal kingdom, in their suffering and misery in factory farms and testing laboratories, these people will agree that the misery of the smaller races is necessary. If we did not herd and rear cattle, then where would we get our meat and our shoes? If we did not experiment on monkeys, then where would we get our new shampoo, cosmetic, and chemical supplies? Since those with good heart and good intentions can do away with shampoo and chemicals more than they can with meat or eggs, cheap baseball jerseys people are more likely to oppose animal experimentation but not the mass production and consequent mass slaughtering of billions of creatures. People will try to justify to themselves that the deaths of animals, no matter how tragic, are still necessary to the ends they persue in society.

The primary end of hunting is the death, and the accompanying misery, discount nhl jerseys pain, and suffering, of an animal that never posed a threat to anyone. It is the most open and obvious violation in society today which speaks volumes on the cruelty of the human race. The hunter does not necessarily seek to satisfy his hunger, or to satisfy his living conditions, but the chief end of this pleasure is the unfortunate, revolting death of an animal. His heart beats faster, and his veins pump quicker, when he has learned that he ended the life of a creature of the world. The sight of an animal in the distance and he becomes tense, still, nervous. Suspense. He hoists his weapon up, squints his eyes, and squeazes the trigger, as it feels like his heart is about to burst. The animal falls helpless to the ground. Relief and an immediate sense of joy run in to the blood stream of the hunter. For him to believe that love is the greatest emotion to embrace, he must have at his feet the mutilated and destroyed body of an innocent being. To satisfy his hungers, he must murder for the sake of murder. This is, above all, the primary reason why hunting is universally unpopular.

While it is good and commonly true that hunting is among the worst hated cruelties to animals, what is to say that the difference between the hunter and the consumer of meat products is all that great? True, the hunter's interest is the thrill that comes with ending another's life, but, even though the animal suffers greatly, it is quick, short, immediate. Think of the way all raised and slaughtered jordan retro shoes cows live. They are born, deprived of their mothers, fed enormous amounts of antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones that make them violently ill, and then maintaned in cruel conditions. From the day they can feel to the day they join the legions of dead, they are full of misery, pain, unhappiness. So, too, is the condition of those animals bred for laboratory experiments. These test animals are created for the sole sake that they can be in miserable and unstopping pain, a prolonged death in the most inhumane and brutal form imaginable. Burning, poisoning, beating everything is given to these test animals. It almost seems as if the misery created by the hunter dims in comparison no that caused by consumers. Why should we oppose hunting, it is argued, when our own habits of present society are just as destructive? For those of us who are Freethinkers, who follow our thoughts in to actions, and believe only what fits the evidence, there is no question here. We support neither hunting, nor experimentation, nor the eating of animal flesh. All of these trades, in their own ways, are in opposition to a universal, humane ethic of kinship.

An animal in its natural environment suddenly finds itself in a life or death battle against the advanced technology of our misguided ray-ban sunglasses civilization. Men draped in camouflage and armed with rifles give chase to the animal. These animals flee until they feel they are about to die from exhaustion. In the distance, between the trees and the leaves, the literal flesh of the forest, they can hear gun shots and happy cheers of inquisitors. The chase continues. The heart rate of the animal increases five fold as the terror in his mind only increases. He becomes tired, his muscles burn as though they were on fire, his mind starts to prefer death and sleep to the fear that wrecks his existence, and hope starts to fade. Perhaps the animal has been wounded by now by these hunters, but still persists to make it in this struggle of life. Knowing that its ability to flee is destroyed, it tries to hide; it dodges left and right, always turning, taking refuge in shrubbery, anything. Dizziness and physical sickness take over the mind of this animal, as the combination of exhaustion and loss of blood inhibits his mind to make decisions, to analyze the situation, to understand. It crosses over a hill on to a clearing, and as it looks behind it sees that its enemies have caught up to it. They begin to run closer as it limps and pants. Perhaps it gives up. Perhaps all of the confusion of the situation, the dying pains, the misery disable everything, and it falls to the ground. The chase is over, as the hunter releases several more rounds in to the surrendered body of one of the earth's creatures.

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