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Selling 3 guitars Les Paul, Ltd KH-DC, Schecter DEMON FR7 
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Post Selling 3 guitars Les Paul, Ltd KH-DC, Schecter DEMON FR7

I know this is really bad form just to appear on a guitar forum and try to sell some guitars, but I’m pretty desperate because my cat needs surgery and vets cost an arm and a leg over here in Sweden, with that in ind I do have three Maine Coon cats so if you are allergic to cats, despite these being cleaned and looked after fastidiously you might want to skip these guitars just in case. I’m a Brit who has moved to Sweden and so I’m not really involved in guitar communities over here because of that, so I really know this is super bad form, and I apologise, plus my Swedish is crap my partner might have to help translate if you need to communicate with me in Swedish. But I need to generate some cash to help my furry buddy out, but if admin want to remove this as I have zero credibility here, I get it, no hard feelings. With this in mind though I’d much rather sell these in person so you can see I’m upfront and not scamming people, and that when I say I’m an ex-guitar tech (long ago now) and that I’ve looked after these guitars and there are no dings or dents I’m telling the truth. I live in Malmö and am happy for people to come round to me, or for me to travel to you so you can try them on your set up as I’ve not got the greatest amp in the world here just a little Marshal JCM 800.

The three guitars I want to sell are listed below, if you want extra pictures PM me and I'll do my best.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Pro 120th Anniversary Edition - 2014, Black Cherry Pearl (6000 SEK o.n.o)

Currently my most versatile guitar in my current collection here in Sweden, mostly due to the pickup combo, which is traditional PAF-style '57 Classic humbucker at the neck and a BurstBucker Pro at the bridge. The '57 provides the classic PAF tone that the Les Pauls were originally known for, whereas the BurstBucker Pro gives you extended lows and highs you of a more modern guitar. There are also individual coil taps built into each pickup's tone control for extra versatility. It’s a guitar that gives you a nice range, which if you’re limited for living space like I am is a great boon because you don’t “need” to own that many guitars, seriously how do Swedish guitarist live with the lack of guitar space!!!

My reservations about chunky pieces of mahogany being a pain in the back to have on stage are normally right, but the 120th Anniversary Les Paul got the modern weight relief of the more expensive Gibson custom models, which works surprisingly well while not affecting the sound of the best tonewood out there (sorry ash and alder), well too much. I can happily report that the guitar, even with weight relief, doesn’t lose that Les Paul tonal character, I have a ’76 Les Paul back in the UK from my uncle and if anything, the 120th anniversary guitar has slightly better resonance and similar levels of sustain. Honestly, I picked this guitar up on a whim after playing it in a shop and being pleasantly surprised by its range and versatility, it’s probably one of the best modern Les Pauls I’ve played. The body is maple topped but obviously that’s not viewable because of the black cherry finish.

The neck is a pretty standard fast-action neck with a '60s SlimTaper profile. I have to be honest here and say I know these sorts of neck aren’t for everybody, but it’s fast, and comfortable to play if like me you have a long reach between your thumb and index finger, and if you do you’ll probably know all about carpal tunnel syndrome and this kind of neck makes it easier on you. If you prefer flatter necks this probably isn’t the guitar for you though. It comes toped with a rosewood compound-radius fretboard, which flattens out as you go up the neck. It’s just a really, really nice guitar to play, I never feel like I’m fighting it. It comes with a classic brown Les Paul hardcase.

ESP LTD Kirk Hammett Signature KH-DC See Thru Black Cherry (6000 SEK o.n.o)

I am not normally one to go for “signature” guitars, and if you’d told the young me that I’d eventually buy a Kirk Hammett Signature guitar I’d have laughed my ass off. But hey, here we are and yeah, I own it, and yeah, I love it. It has a Mahogany Body with a curved Flamed Maple Top, and honestly, it’s quite a nice top, not quite PRS top 10 standard of course, but given the price range it’s quite nice, but then again I’ve tended to find that Ltd / Esp guitars are a little bit more bang for your buck than most brands. Coupled with the gold fittings it’s a good-looking guitar in my opinion. Anyway, I’m not sure my pictures do it justice. Not sure there is any weight relief in this guitar though, I’m sure the spec sheet says there was, but you wouldn’t necessarily notice it. Has a similar tonal quality to an old Les Paul but with more bass and maybe more complex harmonics, although obviously this guitar has active pickups… so if you think active pickups don’t register any of that then I’m not sure it’s worth mentioning, but I do because I disagree with that line of thought... not wanting an argument it’s all just opinions people.

So, talking about those pickups, as I said they’re active and are a combo of EMG 81 at the bridge and EMG 60 at the neck, this is a pretty classic “metal” set up, I know some prefer the 85 in the bridge or indeed neck, but I think the 81 / 60 combo offers the greater range. Obviously the 81 is your classic active pickup for metal and rock sounds, as such it’s pretty staple metal sounds which are thick and bright in tone, and it does sound good in this guitar. The 60 in the neck has an amazingly clean tone, which is very bright and “shiny”, no other word to describe it, it’s almost a T-Bucket acoustic sound if you know what I mean, it’s perfect for smooth solos and singing leads, yet with the right amp and pedal combos is definitely capable of giving you any shredding you desire, which is why I prefer it to the 85 in the neck position as it just has more versatility. To control and manipulate these pickups this guitar has split volume controls, master tone and a three-way toggle switch, as my good friend says “it’s as metal as ****”.

It’s a Mahogany set-neck construction with a 25.5” scale and your pretty standard 22 jumbo frets and it comes with a thin-U neck contour and a rosewood fingerboard, that all helps nicely with resonance and tone. The bridge there’s Tonepros tune-o-matic bridge and is paired with a stoptail bar and when coupled with the Ltd / Esp Sperzel locking tuners this thing is nigh on impossible to knock out of tune, even after heavy sessions. It also holds drop tuning really well. This is a guitar I initially brought because of it’s looks, and I fully intended to mix up / out the pickups and wiring, but after playing the damn thing I found it gave me what I was looking for from it anyway… in case you’re wondering I wasn’t always a fan of the 81 / 60 combo, but this guitar won me around. I’ll be sad to see it go. I’ll be selling this with a black Gator Les Paul Hardcase which is a perfect fit for this guitar, but ironically rubbish for Les Pauls as it’s slightly too tight a fit at the top on the none cutaway side.

Schecter DEMON-7 FR in Crimson Red Burst (3500 SEK o.n.o)

This is your standard Diamond Series Schecter Demon 7 with Floyd Rose Tremelo and is exactly what you’d expect. It’s an affordable and fairly well made 7 string Guitar, if a little bit “industrial” in construction. I bought this guitar specifically to “fit in” with a bands image, which is always a mistake, as I ended up falling out with the lead singer because the music their previous guitarist had written clearly wasn’t for a 7 string guitar, met said guitarist a year later and he confirmed this to me. So, I was left with a 7-string guitar that I didn’t necessarily want or need. However, it’s got a nice fast and pretty comfortable bolted on maple neck, which hasn’t ever triggered my carpal tunnel. I believe it has a carbon fiber rod, but I’m honestly not sure, I can check if needs be, but I’ve never really needed to fiddle with it to make sure, so the neck is definitely stable.

Obviously as a 7-string guitar it has a 26.5” scale for the lowest string, because if it didn’t why the hell would you want a 7-string guitar? It comes with active “Duncan Designed” HB-105 humbuckers, which don’t necessarily lend themselves to subtle and warm tones, being a little more brutal and hot with plenty of crunchy bottom, it’s not so precise on the highs despite what others say, they’re not bad, but if you want really clear, crisp cutting highs these might not do that. Control electronics are your basic volume, tone with 3-Way Switch, the body is a basswood, I know, but I guess with the active pickups its not too bad, but this guitar isn’t a bad lump of basswood, it is what it is and it works well enough for what it is intended to do. The finger board is Rosewood with 24 jumbo frets, the Schechter tuners are surprising good, it’s a TOM with through body bridge with all that entails, all hardware is in black chrome. Honestly if you want a heavy metal 7-string guitar, but you’re on a budget it’s a damn solid guitar. I’m also selling this with a Gator Hardcase.

Thanks for your time.

16 Jun 2019, 15:37
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